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Providing superior Australian-made products and services to the Australian funeral industry at a competitive price

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Hyqual Australia is proud to be an agent for Promeba.

Since 1992, Promeba has become a benchmark in the world of health emergencies as a supplier of the equipment designed,
produced and distributed from their facilities of Sallent, Barcelona.
Always at the forefront of innovation and development.

Promeba designs and provides a range of equipment which is also suitable for use and reliability within the Funeral Industry.


The HA+ Stretcher is the great ally of funeral vehicles. It has multiple features such as 4 swivel wheels (lockable and with brake on the rear) extendable handles, trolley with wheels for vertical transport, and stainless steel tray. A highly versatile stretcher suitable to a variety of functions within the Funeral Industry.


Our new power stretcher allows effortless loading and movement! It features a two-part system with a rechargeable electric stretcher and support device fitted to the transfer vehicle.


The HA+ Power Stairwalker offers electric tracks which allow ease of movement over the rise and fall of stairs. It is equipped with four wheels, two telescopic handles, two rear handles and a safety belt. Manoeuvrability is also enhanced via the fast folding system.