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Providing superior Australian-made products and services to the Australian funeral industry at a competitive price

Disclaimer: We do not sell to the general public. Please speak with your Funeral Director for Hyqual Australia's Products.

Contract Embalming

Contact us about our supply of premium embalming chemicals & embalming service advice!


Not only is Hyqual Australia on top when it comes to manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and its supply business to the funeral industry around Australia – we are also an industry leader in the supply of technical support and premium Champion embalming chemicals!

With a solid 15+ years experience, Shane Norsgaard is your man when it comes to contract embalming services around QLD!

If there is anything you need that stems from the embalming room (including products, services or advice), then Hyqual Australia is the business to contact – and Shane is the person to talk to.


Shane has purchased the embalming business from Hyqual.
Any queries, please phone: 1800 77 77 44

You can also contact Shane Norsgaard directly on 0407 639 439