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Providing superior Australian-made products and services to the Australian funeral industry at a competitive price

Disclaimer: We do not sell to the general public. Please speak with your Funeral Director for Hyqual Australia's Products.


Hyqual Australia was started in 1983 by the Hyde family who had a long association with the Funeral Industry – owning Funeral Homes in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Hyqual Funeral Accessories, as it was then known, was primarily involved in the manufacture of drapery for Funeral Directors in South East Queensland.

Mark Hyde, our present CEO, saw a wider market and the decision was made to sell the Funeral Homes and invest in a manufacturing facility, (injection moulders and vacuum metalliser) enabling the production of Premium Australian-made products, at a competitive price.

Throughout the course of its life, Hyqual, who is now known as Hyqual Australia has been the market leader in the Australian Funeral Industry.


  • 1800 numbers
  • Overnight delivery
  • Express freight, throughout Australia
  • Customised packaging
  • Credit card facilities enabling the earning of reward points for customers
  • Hinged and pinned swing bar handles
  • Contract embalming and teaching services
  • Australian made Memorial Books
  • Contemporary co-ordinate drapery
  • Harley Davidson Hearse hire
  • Ergonomically designed rubber mould grip for handles
  • New and continued tooling


As we move forward, we are indeed, very proud of our ethos, when it comes to Australian manufacturing. All of our plastic products are made in our modern factory in Caloundra, Queensland. We are continually updating and modernising our machinery to keep with best practices, enabling us to keep producing the superior product we supply.

We moved our drapery division from Ipswich to Caloundra early in 2010, so as to bring all our manufacturing together, whilst this was a huge effort, it was well worth the time and energy. Having this facility closer to home has enabled us to spend more time on research and development of new drapery lines. We are now the largest manufacturer/supplier to the Australian Funeral Industry – primarily manufacturing products in Australia. 


To provide a superior Australian made product and service to the Australian Funeral Industry at a competitive price. We aim to lead by innovation. By buying and using Australian made products and services we are in a small way contributing to ensuring a future for generations of Australian children.

Thank you one and all for your continued support of Hyqual Australia.