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VM3 Funeral Mini Mat

VM3 Funeral Mini Mat – an odour-eliminator for the air (30cm x 32cm).

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VM3 Funeral Mini Mat

The Funeral Mini Mat is an odour-eliminator for the air. Designed for use in funerals where the deceased have been embalmed, the mat will eliminate any unexpected chemical odours as well as decomposition odours (if there were complications with the embalming procedure). The use of the Mini Mat can also reduce chemical odours in work and storage areas after preparation of the deceased. It has double-sided tape allowing it to be adhered to a surface within the area being treated. Ideally, the mat would be placed horizontally, paper-side down, and above the source of the odour. Alternatively, it may be placed on the wall for easier application (although effectiveness may be reduced).

  • 30cm x 32cm (11.8″ x 12.5″)
  • 1 pack of 4 mats
  • Australian-made product

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Follow the link to VM3 Funeral Mini Mat SDS HERE

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