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The FP 99+ Kit

The FP 99+ Kit  – the Funeral Personnel 99+ Kit is designed to cater for any removal situation and is idea to keep in the removal vehicle. This kit includes: HA+ Stretcher Slide Board, HA+ FST, Sally Sling, Swift Lift & HA+ Lateral Transfer Aid.

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The FP 99+ Kit 

The Funeral Personnel 99+ Kit is designed to cater for any removal situation and is ideal to keep in the removal vehicle.
This kit includes:

  • HA+ Stretcher Slide Board: It clips onto the side or end of the stretcher to enable an easy slide of the deceased up onto the stretcher. The Slide Board has been designed with both Ferno and Auden one-man stretchers in mind, and is able to eliminate lifting.
  • HA+ FST: Silicone-coated both sides, this sheet is easy to use and very slippery. It slips consistently in all directions and on both sides. It is made from soft polyester taffeta (3m x 1.45m). There is a foot-well at the end to enable one-person handling if required.
  • Sally Sling: A repositioning sling (230cm L x 150cm W). SWL is 454kg (1000lbs). It is made from double-layer polyester mesh with PP straps and is disposable.
  • Swift Lift: Designed to assist with moving a deceased person from any sitting position. It is a strong nylon or mesh manual lifting sling which features leg and body supports, and padded handles at location points. It is fully washable and quick-drying with an SWL of 150kg.
  • HA+ Lateral Transfer Aid: Designed to assist with manual handling in lateral movement. E.g. bed to a stretcher – stretcher to a table – table to a coffin. It is 100cm L x 25cm W with 85cm straps.

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