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BBHS Single Bag & Roll: Body Bags Heat Seal.
BBHST: Body Bags Heat Seal Tube

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BBHS Body Bags Heat Seal

Heavy duty, perforated tube shaped adult body bags made from strong and durable clear plastic.
Bags are sealed on three edges with only one short end to seal.
When sealed, these body bags will contain odours and fluids.


  • Bag Size: 1m W x 2.4m L
  • Material Thickness: 200um
  • Colour: Clear
  • Type: Bag or Roll (25 bags)


Please enter individual numbers per bag or per roll.
e.g. if you wish to order 1 bag enter 1, if you wish to order 1 roll enter 1.

BBHST Body Bags Heat Seal Tube

Body bag, heat seal envelope style. Clear continuous tube.

Please enter numbers as rolls NOT bags.
If you wish to order 1 roll enter 1.

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